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Warranty and other information

Delivery informations

Nyári szállítás

Delivery from 1 april to 31 september:

in every 2nd week at work time.




Téli szállítás

Delivery from 1 october to 31 march:

once a week, usually wednesday, at work time.





Primarily we are beekeepers.

To produce good quality honey, we have to do our job in time. Thank you for your patience.





There are two ways of purchase: 

delivery to Budapest or personal shopping at our distributors




Minimal order


Minimal order changes by district, between 5.000 to 11.000 HUF.

Shipping cost is usually 0 HUF except a few places. Please choose your address to get info.  





Money back guarantee


You can freely buy honey for you, your friends and your family. We are sure about what we sell - we offer money back guarantee for the unopened products in 2 weeks after purchase.


Our honeys are closed by the band that grants regularly verified honey by Hungarian Beekeepers Association.



What to do with empty jars


We are not allowed to fill used jars but we collect them at your next purchase - so we can give them to people who are making jams.

Online payment

In our Webshop you can order to Budapest.

Our products

To preserve your health, always buy one of the quality, medicine-free and famous Hungarian honeys! If you don't know any reliable product yet, taste our honey!

Products on stock:

HONEY: Acacia honey, Flower honey, Rapeseed honey, Silkweed honey, Sunflower honey, Linden honey,
GIFT PACKS: Nice and handmade
BEESWAX: Wax block, wax decoration, wax candles, wax caps,
PROPOLIS: Propolisz tincture, Honey with propolis.

As we are producers, our stock depends on the actual crop, cold, hot, rain, drought and many other components. Bees are the most vulnerable animals to weather.